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About Joseph Magley

Joseph is a commercial lender with over 29 years of experience in commercial banking. As a commercial lender, Joseph values and emphasizes the need to create strong relationships with borrowers, lenders, referral sources and cross-functionally within banks. He possesses strong credit and underwriting skills as well as the ability to negotiate and structure loans within various commercial lending sectors including C&I and working capital lending, equipment finance, real estate lending, Small Business Administration lending, and financing foreign nationals.

Most recently, Joseph was a Vice President of Commercial Banking for a Florida-based community bank. In this role, Joseph was responsible for developing workout strategies and negotiating loan terms concerning all criticized assets and achieved reducing criticized assets from over $21 million to under $500K.

Prior to his career in banking, Joseph served in the U.S. Army and holds a B.S. Degree in Political Science from Lycoming College.

Contact Information

(954) 600-6389