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Streamlined Lending Process

The Trouble-Free Way to Offer Government Guaranteed Loans

IFS’ streamlined government guaranteed lending platform can increase profitability and reduce regulatory risk. There’s no need to struggle with the details involved with bringing your government loan program to fruition. Our team of expert banking consultants take care of them alongside you.

Streamlined Government Guaranteed Lending Process

Our platform is designed to minimize the time from loan origination through closing and to ensure regulatory conditions are met throughout all phases of the process. Lenders can enjoy our full scope of services or customize a program to meet your lending institution’s needs.

  • Preliminary Eligibility Assessment

The SBA and USDA loan process requires significant time investment, so it is important to move forward with or pass on a credit request quickly. Our assessment process facilitates quick evaluation of prospective SBA or USDA loan applications and our experts work closely with your lending team to develop a compliant structure that aligns with your institution’s credit criteria. Key loan conditions are agreed upon and understood up front with the borrower to avoid costly surprises later in the process.

  • Credit Analysis & Underwriting

It’s challenging to follow your internal credit policy and incorporate additional specific SBA or USDA underwriting criteria. IFS offers a robust electronic underwriting system, compliant financing memorandum and streamlined underwriting process to overcome this challenge. Our experienced underwriting team completes a thorough analysis of each credit request to support your internal approval and to incorporate key eligibility criteria not customarily evaluated within your conventional credit analysis. Rest assured your underwriting will be well received by the SBA and USDA.

  • Loan Processing

Processing an SBA or USDA loan application requires specialized expertise to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to avoid loan processing delays. Our experts can handle all facets of the loan application process including documentation collection and review, SBA One system inputs, form preparation, ordering and reviewing searches, and preparation and submission of the electronic loan application. IFS manages the application process through final agency approval, resulting in quick turnaround of the SBA or USDA Loan Authorization.

  • Closing

IFS helps lenders avoid common missteps throughout the closing process. IFS coordinates with the lender and lender’s legal counsel to satisfy all conditions of the SBA or USDA Loan Authorization, lender approval, and agency standard operating procedures. IFS reviews all loan documentation and due diligence prior to closing with focus given to key items that notoriously create guaranty repairs, denials, or audit exceptions.

  • Secondary Market Sale

The SBA 7(a) and USDA loan programs include an active and liquid secondary market comprised of investors ready to purchase the guaranteed portion of the loan. If you choose to sell within the secondary market, IFS will help ensure proper deal structuring to maximize premium income. IFS coordinates the bidding process, sale documentation, and timely delivery of the required forms and documents to the investor. We also assist with coordinating resources to properly account for the sale.

If your lending institution needs additional liquidity even after selling the guaranteed portion, IFS can assist with identifying participants to purchase up to 15% of the retained unguaranteed portion.

  • Compliance

Our compliance process ensures nothing “slips through the cracks” after closing. A post-closing compliance review is completed using the SBA “10 tab” guaranty purchase package and SBA Office of Credit Risk Management audit guidelines as a checklist. We also use the loan authorization, lender approval, and standard operating procedures to ensure all required conditions have been met.

If exceptions are noted, they are programmed within our tickler system and tracked through resolution.

  • Loan Servicing & Administration Services

It is difficult to catch up after falling behind with ongoing SBA 7(a) loan conditions. Our experienced team has an automated servicing platform at their disposal to manage the process. We program all ongoing reporting requirements within our tickler system and proactively follow up on your behalf to ensure timely action.

Our experts complete a monthly 1502 report and submit to Colson Services on your behalf.  While payment collection is the responsibility of the lender, we reconcile all payments to ensure accrued interest, the guaranty fee and participation remittances are calculated accurately. We ensure the reporting process is completed timely and accurately to avoid costly late penalties or remittance errors.

We also work with your team to properly document all post-closing modifications such as collateral releases, guarantor releases, and subordinations.

We can also help with annual credit reviews for our partners that need it.

  • Workout & Liquidation

In the unfortunate situation of a loan liquidation, our experts help ensure the proper steps are taken to facilitate a smooth guaranty purchase process. We work with you and experienced counsel to develop a viable workout strategy or liquidation plan. We also assist with demanding the guaranty and assembling the “10 tab” guaranty purchase request package.

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