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Innovative Financing Solutions Innovative Financing Solutions

Conventional Loan Solutions

Back Office Support for Conventional Commercial Lending

The expert banking consultants at IFS can provide support services to assist your conventional commercial lending activities.  Whether your lenders are originating more deals than your underwriting team can handle, you are falling behind with annual credit reviews, or if servicing can’t keep up with the multitude of ongoing loan conditions, we can help.

Outsourcing to IFS is the variable cost solution to manage loan volume without sacrificing quality.

Credit Analysis & Underwriting

Our experienced underwriting team can provide the additional support you need to stay competitive and facilitate a well-informed, but prompt, credit decision for your customers. Our comprehensive underwriting package can be customized within your financing memorandum template, per your internal credit policy, and per applicable federal and state law. If your back office needs additional support to ensure customer satisfaction while maintaining credit quality, IFS has the solution.

Servicing & Administration

Let us help with the administrative burden of managing ongoing loan conditions. Our experienced servicing team and automated servicing platform ensure loan conditions are monitored and acted upon timely. We report regularly to your team to ensure you always have the required documentation in file, follow up notices, and know what remains outstanding for any credit we are servicing. Keep ongoing loan conditions in check by partnering with IFS.

Annual Credit Reviews

The annual rush to complete credit reviews by year-end or before the regulators are due for examination is all too familiar. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our underwriting team can ensure credit reviews are completed timely, accurately, and per your credit policy. Avoid the annual credit review rush by partnering with IFS.

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