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The Comprehensive Approach to Secure Capital for Your Business

We help with the fine details of the lending process so you can spend your valuable time managing your business.

Building the Business Case

Lenders may want to see a business plan and long-term financial projections. IFS will work with you to create a detailed and comprehensive loan package.

Finding a Custom-Matched Lender to Meet Your Financing Needs

Applicants must satisfy a lender’s criteria to qualify for financing. Since the lending criteria varies by loan program and lender, IFS can help you match your application with the right lender.

Meeting Your Funding Deadlines

We take care of the details, assuring your loan application goes from application to loan closing as efficiently and quickly as possible.

 Our services include:

  • Loan structuring consultation
    • We determine if your project is most suitably financed as a conventional loan, government guaranteed loan, or alternative loan.
    • Our recommended loan structure is based on an assessment that focuses on project viability, program eligibility, company history, management experience, cash flow adequacy and sustainability, repayment capacity, working capital adequacy, collateral coverage, and personal guarantor strength.
  • Preparing a detailed loan request package that includes
    • A summary of the business financing request, transaction sources and uses of funds, transaction overview, and company background and history.
    • Historical financial analysis and loan underwriting of applicant, affiliates and principals/guarantors.
    • Development of detailed operating projections supported by historical analysis and Risk Management Association (RMA) or industry association comparative analysis.
    • Coordination of independent feasibility studies, appraisals, environmental audits and other application or closing requirements for business loans.
    • Preparation of government agency applications (as applicable).
  • Negotiation and placement of the funding request with an appropriate finance source
  • Coordination of funding
    • After a loan is approved, we help coordinate the documents needed to close and fund promptly after lender approval is received.

Whether you need a conventional loangovernment guaranteed loan or alternative financing, we can help you discover the loan structure and lender that is a perfect match for your business.

Let’s Get Started

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