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Government Loan Programs for Borrowers

How to Fund Your Business’ Growth with Government Guaranteed Loans 

Like many other business owners you may have struggled to find the financing required to grow your business. Without funding your company may run out of fuel before you reach your destination. But imagine if you had resources to hire new talent, open a new office, invest in the latest technology, or whatever you need to propel your business to new heights.

 3 Slam-Dunk Government Loan Programs

Innovative Financing Solutions - Management Team

There are a myriad of government guaranteed loans and direct loan programs available through the SBA and USDA. However, the three key programs that comprise the lion’s share of small-business lending include the:

Check out our government loan program comparison guide to discover the loan that’s best for your business.

The Secret to Securing Government Guaranteed Loans 

The path to obtaining these loans is often littered with stumbling blocks. That’s because they have exacting requirements and guidelines the Lender must follow to ensure the loan will be approved by the government agency. Many banks don’t understand the requirements well.

So if you stop by your bank and ask about available government loan programs, don’t be surprised if you’re met by the blank stare.

And that’s why we’re in business. To help small business owners like you acquire the government guaranteed loans they need to build thriving businesses. The IFS team:

  • Listens to your needs;
  • Becomes immersed your business;
  • Helps you discover the loan and lender that perfectly match for your needs; and
  • Assists you in applying for the loan and doesn’t let up until your loan is approved.

Why IFS?

We can do it because our team has decades of lending experience that we put to work to empower small businesses to succeed. We persist because it’s our passion.

If you want funding to jumpstart your business, call now for your free 30-minute loan consultation at 610-228-4654.