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Don’t Let That Equipment Deal Get Away!

Small and mid-sized businesses often struggle to find financing sources for a myriad of borrowing needs including the financing of machinery and equipment (M&E) to modernize or expand their business. These businesses operate in numerous capital-intensive industries including (but not limited to) manufacturing, construction, transportation, and distribution. And it’s not only capital-intensive businesses that need…
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Innovative Financing Solutions Launches New Website for Lenders and Borrowers

Innovative Financing Solutions (IFS) is proud to announce the launch of our fully redesigned website, This new website has been redesigned with our clients in mind – providing simple navigation, streamlined menus and useful information about our many products and services. We encourage you to visit and explore our website to learn more about…
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Lending in Rural America – Growth Opportunities for Community Banks

As community and regional banks continually strive to expand their lending capabilities, it has become increasingly important to understand the many guaranteed loan programs offered by the federal government. Understanding the scope of these programs can significantly impact a bank’s ability to expand beyond its traditional “footprint,” while adhering to strict bank underwriting and regulatory…
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Disbursement and Use of Funds – The Lender’s Responsibility

One of the critical requirements the lender should follow relative to the proper closing of a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, is ensuring the use of proceeds are properly documented in accordance with the lender’s credit approval and the SBA Loan Authorization (Authorization). Documentation supporting the use of proceeds is highly scrutinized during an SBA…
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